World Autism Day is marked by a Studio 3 Event.

Improving the lives of those with autism and those who live and support them is a key part of the work that Studio three carries out in this country and abroad.  World Autism Awareness day was a fitting time to share current insights on stress and autism that Studio 3 have made central to their training and staff development programmes.  To do this as a fund raising event for the residents and staff of the Hand in Hand Community in Nkoranza, Ghana , West Africa made it a very special occasion.

From Studio 3 we were able to hear from Dr Andy McDonnell to give the overview and back drop to the theories around the impact of stress for those with autism and those who live and work with them. From Linda Woodcock we gained new insight into the impact of stress on the family and from John Simpson and Alex Calver we learnt about their own very personal experience of living with Autism and Stress on a daily basis.  This was a day of real learning for all who participated and as one person said at the close of the day,

“it has been so good to hear perspectives from such a range of people and to really learn, I have learnt many new things today that will support me in my work – thank you Studio3”

Sue Hatton concluded the day with some information about the charity and exactly what the money raised would be paying for when she revisits the community this summer to continue training on autism for the care givers who work there.

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