Scottish Autism invest in the Atlass Programme.

With the Atlass programme now running well in Scandinavia and Ireland it was good to be invited to run one with staff who work for Scottish Autism. For Dr Michael McCreadie from Studio3 this also meant working close to home for a change. Eleven staff from across Scotland in a range of roles managing a variety services, came together for the five day induction programme in February 2013. It was a challenging week as their understanding of autism was questioned and developed in some very significant ways. Debate and discussion were a vital part of the new learning that was going on during the week as Dr McCreadie set out the principals of Atlass and the crucial role that stress plays in the lives of individuals with autism and those who seek to support them.

The presentations and interactive sessions all culminated in some very positive comments on the evaluation forms. Now it is with keen anticipation that those eleven staff have returned to their work place to begin to consider how to reduce stress for everyone involved in their services and in the “transactions” that take place between people and in relation to their environments.